Author Guidelines

  1. Before planning to write a note, please make sure that the topic or title of the notes is not already written on the website. You can see the list of notes published at
  2. The articles should be free from any kind of copyright material.
  3. Each article should be more than 800 words.
  4. Plagiarism (duplicate content) should be less than 10%. Pending articles with more than 10% plagiarism will again be drafted to be edited by authors.
    (Editor will check the plagiarism of each article)
  5. Every author should use Grammarly (Website plugin or Microsoft word addon) so that there will be fewer grammatical errors on the note.
  6. The articles should not include any promotional link or affiliate link in the main body (except references).
  7. Articles should be written in the English language.
  8. All the articles should be related to biology or biological fields.
  9. Each article should have references or further reading at the end.
  10. Authors are allowed to upload pictures or figures with proper citations and references without any copyright issues.
  11. Articles once published on this website, should not be published later on any other websites.
  12. The draft posts saved by authors will not be reviewed by an admin until fully finalized and submitted for review.
  13. Articles once published on the website cannot be edited by the authors. If you want to edit them, please email the admin.
  14. Users (Authors) who don’t follow the above guidelines, articles will not be accepted.
  15. Admins have the right to modify or remove the author’s articles from the website if required.
  16. Articles or posts submitted by authors may take 5 to 10 days to get published depending on the number of pending posts.
  17. Respective authors are fully responsible for their articles or posts for their contents, particularly the accuracy of the information contained therein. The Biology Notes is not liable for any controversy or dispute that may arise in connection with the author’s written work and content.

Note: The author’s guidelines can be changed at any time by the admin.