Author Guidelines

  1. The articles should be free from any kind of copyright material.
  2. Each article should be more than 500 words.
  3. Plagiarism (duplicate content) should be less than 20%. Pending articles with more than 20% plagiarism will again be drafted to be edited by authors.
    (Admin will check the plagiarism of each published article)
  4. The articles should not include any promotional link or affiliate link in the main body (except references).
  5. Articles should be written in the English language.
  6. All the articles should be related to biology or biological fields.
  7. Each article should have references or further reading at the end.
  8. Authors are not allowed to upload any picture or figures, because it might lead to some copyright issues. The picture or figure will be uploaded and added by the admin and publish it.
  9. Articles once published on this website, should not be published later on any other websites.
  10. Users (Authors) can publish any number of posts per day but only 5 posts will be approved per day.
  11. The draft posts saved by authors will not be reviewed by an admin until fully finalized and submitted for review.
  12. Articles once published on the website cannot be edited by the authors. If you want to edit them, please email the admin.
  13. User (Authors) who don’t follow the above guidelines, articles will not be accepted or if accepted also, some points may be deducted by the admin.
  14. Admin has the rights to increase or decrease the points at any time, depending upon notes quality and situations.

How points are calculated?

50 points  Registering on a website (One time)
10 points Publishing a new post

Extra Points
* 1 point extra for more than 800 words article.
* 2 points extra for more than 1200 words article.
* 3 points extra for more than 1600 words article.
* 4 points extra for more than 2000 words article.
* 5 points extra for more than 2500 words article.

Note: The author’s guidelines and point system can be changed at any time by the admin.