Cysticercosis- Clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment


What is Cysticercosis? Cysticercosis refers to the tissue infection caused by the metacestode, or larval stage, of Taenia solium. It is acquired by the accidental ingestion of T. solium eggs. It is endemic to many parts of the developing world, including Latin America, Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa. Cysticercosis is the … Read more

Taenia solium- Life history, development and adaptations

Taenia solium- Life history ,development and adaptations

Image Source: Laboratory Diagnostic Assistance (DPDx), CDC. Life history and Development of Taenia solium 1. Copulation and fertilization The life cycle of Taenia solium is digenetic, involving two hosts. But the life cycle of tapeworm is simple and without a free larval stage. Fertilization is preceded by copulation, inserting cirrus … Read more

Taenia solium- Classification, Habitat, Structure, Body wall

Structure of Taenia solium

Classification of Taenia solium Phylum Platyhelminthes Class Cestoda Subclass Eucestoda Order Taenioidea Genus Taenia Species solium Habits and Habitat of Taenia solium Taenia solium, also known as pork tapeworm, is found worldwide. Thus, its distribution is cosmopolitan. Its adults dwell in man’s small intestine as an internal parasite, i.e., endoparasitic, … Read more