Reproduction in Paramecium

Reproduction in Paramecium

Paramecium reproduces asexually by transverse binary fission and also undergoes several types of nuclear reorganization, such as conjugation, endomixis, autogamy, cytogamy, and hemixis, etc. 1.  Transverse binary fission (Asexual reproduction) This is the commonest type of Asexual reproduction in Paramecium. It occurs during the favorable condition when food is available … Read more

Feeding mechanism in Paramecium

Feeding mechanism in paramecium

1. Food Paramecium feeds in a holozoic manner, like an amoeba. The food comprises chiefly bacteria and minute protozoa which floats in the water in which it lives. It also feeds unicellular plants (algae, diatoms, yeasts, etc.) and small bits of animals and vegetables. Paramecium swims to a place where … Read more

Paramecium caudatum- Habitat, Culture, Structure, Locomotion

Paramecium caudatum- Habitat, Culture, Structures, Locomotion

Habit and Habitat Paramecium caudatum (Gr., paramekes=oblong+ L., caudata=tail) is a free-living organism which is one of the most common species of Paramecium having worldwide distribution. It is commonly found in freshwater, ponds, pools, ditches, streams, lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. It is usually found abundant in water containing decaying organic … Read more