Redeem Points

Convert your points to cash (minimum 200 points can be redeemed)

Points Cash per point Total Cash 
200USD $0.150USD $30.00
300USD $0.155USD $46.50
400USD $0.160USD $64.00
500USD $0.165USD $82.50
600USD $0.170USD $102.00
700USD $0.175USD $122.50
800USD $0.180USD $144.00
900USD $0.190USD $171.00
1000USD $0.200USD $200.00

Please email us, if you want to redeem your points and receive cash from us.

Payment will be done via:

For Nepal: Bank Transfer, eSewa, Khalti.

For other countries*: Paypal, Bank Transfer, Mobile Payment or any other preferred method
* (Currency conversion and transaction fees during transfer are paid by recipient).

Note: The point system can be changed at any time by the admin.