Genome and Organism Specific List of 111 Databases

Genome databases are the locations where the updated information related to organisms and species is uploaded and stored, and sharing of the information is done. It is also the platform for retrieving and comparison of the information related to the genome of various individuals and organisms. The rapid development of technology and the internet has led to the development of specific databases of almost all organisms and a group of organisms with a common specificity.

  • It is the repository of DNA sequences from many different species of plants and animals and helps to interpret the related data by comparison of the sequences from different species.
  • Different technologies are used by Molecular Biologists and geneticists for the generation of sequenced data.
Genome and Organism Specific Databases
Genome and Organism Specific Databases

There are various databases related to the genome of viruses, archaea, bacteria, cell organelle, invertebrates, vertebrates, plants, and human beings. The details about the database are as follows:

List of 15 Virus Databases

CoVDBGene and genomes of coronavirus
DPV webIt is the source of information for viruses, viroids, and satellites of plants, fungus, and protozoa
euHCVdbIt is the database for European hepatitis C
HCV databaseDatabase for Hepatitis C
HERVdDatabase for human endogenous retrovirus
HFV databaseDatabase for hemorrhagic fever virus sequence
HIV drug resistance DBDatabase for the compilation of mutations in HIV genes
Influenza research DBDatabase for Influenza virus
NCBI viral genomesDatabase for viral genome research
Papillomavirus epistemeDatabase for  Papillomaviridae family of viruses
phiSITEDatabase for gene regulation in bacteriophages
Poxvirus .orgDatabase for poxvirus genome and gene annotation
VBRCDatabase for the viral informatics research center
ViTaDatabase for the microRNA of the influenza virus
ViralZoneDatabase for molecular and epidemiological information on viral genera

List of 7 Archaeal Databases

EnsemblDatabase for archaeal genomes
EZ cloudDatabase cloud for archaea
IMGDatabase for integrated microbial genomes and microbes
MicrobesOnline resourceDatabase for the 3707 microbial genomes
BacDiveDatabase for bacterial diversity
WikipediaDatabase for sequenced archaeal genomes
UCSC archaeal genome browserDatabase for integrated genome browser of archaeal genomes

List of 19 Bacterial Databases

Database Details URL
Ensembl bacteriaDatabase for bacterial and archaeal genome
MBGDDatabase for analysis of completely sequenced microbial genomes
Human microbiome projectDatabase for the characterization of the microbiomes in healthy humans
GOLDDatabase for online genomes
EZ cloudDatabase cloud for bacteria
IMGDatabase for integrated microbial genome and microbiomes
Microbes Online resourceDatabase that has the collection of 3707 microbial genomes
BacDiveDatabase for bacterial diversity
BIGSdbDatabase for bacterial isolates genomes
metaMicrobesOnlineDatabase that collects 3527 microbial genomes where one can browse and compare the genome of interest
MetaRefDatabase for comparative and community microbial genomes
MetaBioME databaseDatabase for metagenomics and completed bacterial genomes
PATRICDatabase for pathosystems resource integration center
TBDBDatabase for tuberculosis and mycobacterium species relevant to drug discovery, vaccines, and biomarkers
EuPathDBDatabase for eukaryotic pathogens
coliBaseDatabase for E.coli, salmonella, and shigella
DEGDatabase for bacteria and yeasts
GenoBaseDatabase for Escherichia Coli K-12 and single-gene knockout mutants
HGT-DBDatabase for horizontal gene transfer

List of 14 Cell Organelle Databases

Chloroplast genome databaseDatabase for chloroplast genome
OrganelleDBDatabase for proteins localized to known organelles
Organelle genomesDatabase for organelle genome
Plant organelles databaseDatabase for the images of the plant organelles and protocol for plant organelles research
PLProtDatabase for Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplast protein
Plastid-LCG baseDatabase for plastid lineage-based conserved gene pair
HMPDDatabase for human mitochondrial proteins
HmtDBDatabase for human mitochondrial
MamMiBaseDatabase for complete mitochondrial genome
MitoCartaDatabase for mouse and human mitochondrial proteins
MitoDromeDatabase for Annotating D. melanogaster nuclear genes encoding mitochondrial proteins
MitoPorteomeDatabase for mitochondrial protein sequences encoded by mitochondrial and nuclear genes
OGReDatabase of the completely sequenced animal mitochondrial genome of 473 species
Arabidopsis mitochondrial protein databaseA database comprising experimentally identified proteins in Arabidopsis mitochondrial genome

List of 18 Invertebrate Genome Databases

Database Details URL
AphidBaseDatabase for pea aphids genome
AppaDBDatabase for nematode Pristionchus pacificus
BeetleBaseDatabase for beetle Tribolium castaneum
CeNDRDatabase for c. elegans
ComparasiteDatabase for transcriptomes of parasites
CuticleDBDatabase for Structural proteins of arthropod cuticle
FlyBrainDatabase for drosophila nervous system
InsectBaseDatabase for insect genome and transcriptomes
Hymenoptera genomeDatabase for honey bee and the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis
InsectBaseDatabase for insect genomes and transcriptomes
SilksatDBDatabase for silkworm microsatellite
SpodoBaseDatabase for Genomics of the butterfly Spodoptera frugiperda
VectorBaseDatabase for an invertebrate vector of the human pathogen
RNAiDBDatabase for RNAi phenotypic analysis of C. elegans genes
NEMBASEDatabase for nematode sequences and functional database
PLANMINEDatabase for archiving and mining planarian biodiversity
WORMBASEDatabase for Caenorhabditis elegans
WorfDBDatabase for predicted proteins from C. elegans

List of 6 Vertebrate Genome Databases

Database Details URL
FANTOMDatabase for functional annotation of mouse full-length cDNA clones
GWIPS-vizDatabase for genomes of human beings and vertebrates
XenbaseDatabase for human and vertebrate genome
Mammalian gene collectionDatabase for mouse and rat genes
PlasmIDDatabase for the collection and distribution of plasmid clones of human and vertebrate genomes
Mouse genome databaseDatabase for integrated data on the genetics, genomics, and biology of the laboratory mouse

List of 19 Human Genome Databases

Database DetailsURL
3DSNPDatabase for the regulatory function of human noncoding SNPs
ENCODE at UCSCDatabase for DNA elements
GeneAnnotDatabase for annotation of Affymetrix probe sets
Locus reference genome sequencesDatabase for a stable sequence of the human genome
QTL match makerDatabase for human, mouse, and rats genomes
TIARADatabase for raw-level personal genomic data from NGS and CGH array
TRBASEDatabase for tandem repeats and diseases gene in the human genome
UniSTSDatabase for sequence tagged sites
X:MaPDatabase for visualization of the structure of exon
EVOLADatabase for human genes and orthologs for vertebrates
H-InvDBDatabase for human genes and transcripts
HGPDDatabase for human genes and in vitro expression related to human proteins
HRPDDatabase for human reference protein, post-translation modification, interaction network, and diseases
LIFEdbDatabase for human proteins interaction, function, interaction, and localization
NetAffxDatabase for probesets and annotations
ORFDB/ORFeomeDatabase for open reading frames of human proteins
dbGaPDatabase for all of the genotypes and phenotypes
MSY breakpoint mapperDatabase for human Y chromosome
Gene cardsDatabase for the human genome, gene map, proteins, and diseases

List of 13 Plant Genome Databases

Database Details URL
AgBaseDatabase for agricultural plants and animal gene products
autoSNPdbDatabase for plant SNPs
BarleyBaseDatabase for barley microarray
Cereal small RNA databaseDatabase for miRNAs, siRNAs, and ta-siRNAs in rice and maize
CR-ESTDatabase for crop EST
EURISCODatabase for plant genetic resources
GABiPDDatabase for plant genome biological system
GoMapManDatabase for plant-specific gene
GrainGenesDatabase for morphological and phenotypic characteristics of wheat, barley, and oats
GreeNCDatabase for long-non coding RNAs
MIPS plants databaseDatabase for plant genome research
NIASDatabase for plant genetics and diseases
P-MITEDatabase for transposable elements of plants



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